Which is the best hair clipper?

Which is the best hair clipper?

By eric 0 Comment April 9, 2019

The technology has become very much advanced of hair clippers than ever. For finding the best hair clippers that cut the closest is not as hard as one thinks. People are wondering about how to choose the best one among the numbers of options. In the further mentioned paragraphs, we will talk about some of the tips which can help in deciding which clipper will work the best according to their requirements. 


The clippers are made with three types of motors. The motors are:-

Rotary motor

The rotary motors are used by the experts. It is the motor which is a little slower in its working as compared to the other ones, but it is very powerful which cab make it cut wet also. It is expensive ones, but the professional barbers and stylists use to love it. One more thing is there to know about this motor is that it is lesser noisy than the others.

Magnetic motor

If one will buy the magnetic motor hair clippers, then it will help them to save a lot of money. These motors are made to work on higher speed as compared to the other machines, but it does not work on the same force. The statement does not claim the clipper does not good in its working; it will not work on the thick and curly hair.

Pivot motor

This motor is not as fast as the magnetic ones , but it can provide more power which will help the barber to trim the thick hair also. These machines do not overheat. It is the same effective as the rotary ones are. The main reason to choose it is, it does not charge a higher amount and work also well.

Don’t forget to consider other things also to select which hair clippers that cut the closest will be best for them.