Methods To Repair Cracked Screen At Home

Methods To Repair Cracked Screen At Home

By eric 0 Comment April 28, 2019

As we know that DIY kit is essential for improving the cracked or broken screen. Here you can fix your screen for free at your home. These are the significant hicks that help you a lot, and it doesn’t cost. The uses of repair screen not only up to Smartphone even this can make iphone xs screen repair without any cost. Let us check about the various home remedies used for iphone xs screen repair.

  1. Use of toothpaste

Sometimes we get some scratches or a little break on the screen. If you have to repair the same, you must have to visit a mobile mechanic, and he charges you for his labor and the parts. But here you don’t need to visit anywhere.

  • Take a bit of toothpaste on the cotton bud
  • Start rubbing on the scratch

This will make your screen renovate and hide the scratch or remove it. You have to make sure that it doesn’t go into the sockets and buttons of mobile phones.

  1. Vegetable oil

Use vegetable oil not wholly removes the scratches, but this will hide the scratch. You have to apply oil on the screen and pore it onto the screen. Be careful while using it.

  1. Polythene

If one is not able to protect or repair the screen and it gets worst day by day, then he must have to use a thin transparent poly sheet and cover screen with them. This will stop the happening of future damage.

  1. Grinding paper

If there is an appearance of small scratches on it, then you must have to use the grinding paper or sandpaper and start rubbing on the screen. This will grind the screen and provide a smooth and working screen.

All the methods are also applied for the iphone xs screen repair too.