Top Entertainment Apps For Android Phones In 2019

Top Entertainment Apps For Android Phones In 2019

By eric 0 Comment May 2, 2019

Looking to spice up your new Android device with solid entertainment? Well, you are in for luck here. The Android app world is bustling with a wide range of entertainment apps to keep you engaged for hours. So, what are the top 2019 Android entertainment apps to be downloaded from pc app store?


Are you a movie buff? Are you a fan of the latest TV series seasons? Well, then your Android device will be incomplete without the Netflix app. Netflix is packed with a vast and versatile library of entertainment apps and new contents are added regularly. You will even get a free trial offer for 1 month.

Playerpro Music Player

Are you an ardent music connoisseur? In that case, Playerpro Music Player should be in your Android device this year. This nifty app enables you to search as well as play music of your choice- based on composers, artists and albums. It also helps to adjust audio as per your specifications to ensure a fantastic personalized musical experience.

Google Play Books

Are you a bookworm but hardly get time to read books these days given your packed schedule? Now, how about someone reading out your favorite stories to you while you manage other things at home? Google Play Books is designed keeping busy-bees like you in mind. The app comes with a vast library of audio books where you have a voice narrating stories to you. In fact, the app is especially handy when you little one is pleading you for a bedtime story and you are helplessly occupied with your office presentation.


Do you want to stay updated with information about latest movies in town? Well, Flixster will be a handy help for you here. It can keep you updated about latest movies, tickets and their showtimes.