Best Way To Extract Sound On Youtube Videos

Best Way To Extract Sound On Youtube Videos

By eric 0 Comment May 15, 2019

Have you been watching videos online? Streaming on youtube watching music videos of your favorite singer listening on lovely music while watching the music video; after watching the video you wanted to convert and download it into an mp3 file format because you want to listen to it offline on your laptop or mobile phone. But then, you encountered a minor problem. What is it? You didn’t know to how to convert and download the music video. Here’s a tip for you to convert the video. Continue to read this article to find out.

On your browser―whether its Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Chromium or other type of browser―you will see a bar in the upper part of your browser. It’s called “search bar”. While you’re browsing or surfing the web visiting different websites, the search bar will be filled with the website URL or Uniform Resource Locator you visited. If you watch on youtube the search bar will be filled with the url of the music video or video that you watch.

Here’s the catch…

Open another tab on your browser, type in or visit here Youtube MP3 converter. After that you will be directed to the Youtube MP3 converter website. You will see a guide in their page. Follow the instructions. If there isn’t any instruction follow these guidelines then.

  • After opening a Youtube MP3 converter you will be directed to the site.
  • On Youtube’s search bar. Copy the URL.
  • Open the Youtube MP3 converter. Then paste the URL or link on the allotted space for the URL.
  • Click on “convert now”. The Youtube MP3 converter will then start to convert the video into an MP3 format.
  • Wait for it to load. And after loading you will be directed to the download site.
  • Look for the download button. Click it. It will automatically download the mp3 file format of the video or music video you wanted.
  • You can then click the back button at the upper left part corner of the browser to get back to the MP3 converter.

Here’s the link